Pringles brings its successful can hands Superbowl ads to Europe

Snack brand Pringles has re-booted its acclaimed Superbowl TV ads for audiences across virtually all European markets.

The campaign was based around the observation that hungry consumers frequently get their hands stuck when reaching for the last few Pringles at the end of a tube. This gives rise to the phenomenon of can hands.

Pringles had fun with the idea, showing customers performing a range of activities – arm wrestling, playing the guitar – with a tube stuck to their arm.

Now, in collaboration with Grey London, Pringles has created new work based on the theme. The first set of ads are already live, but a new 60 second ad will break this month. It will run in markets including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Israel, Greece, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Cyprus, Malta, Latvia, Estonia. Another film will run in the UK and Ireland from July too.

The campaign will run on TV, digital, social and out-of-home platforms.

Stéphanie Thys, European Marketing Director of Pringles, said, “Pringles is a playful brand and that’s something we wanted to convey in this campaign. Working closely with Grey, we knew they understood what we wanted to achieve and together we brought our brand’s playful side to life through Can Hands. We think Pringles fans across Europe will be able to relate to this campaign and hopefully it will give them a laugh!”