Pringo and NINJA Team Up for Mobile Content Sharing

David Murphy

Pringo, which provides white-label online community platforms, has partnered with mobile media and advertising company NINJA Mobile to deliver an application that allows mobile users to view, create, post, and share content from their mobile phones on any website built on Pringo's platform, of which there are around 50 up and running or under development.
Pringo and NINJA's mobile service will encourage content posting and sharing via mobile phones, with consumers able to choose between subscription or ad-supported packages. With this application, says Pringo, site owners will benefit from the ability to monetize their websites through advertising, while advertisers can enhance their brands by incorporating photo and video content into their online communities.
Cell phones are quickly becoming the primary device to spontaneously capture, create and share content within and across social networks, says NINJA President, Fred Ebrahemi. Pringo's platform for social networking and marketing is the perfect venue for users to produce and post content associated with a brand, keeping the content current, while also promoting viral distribution to other cell phones.
Pringo CEO Majid Abai adds:
The future of social networking and marketing will be based on the ability to deliver engaging content to users at anytime, anywhere and from any device. NINJA's rich mobile solutions will give our branding customers the ability to deliver relevant advertising, while allowing social networkers to have an integrated and robust multimedia experience from their PC to their cell phone.