Prism Platform, the ad company that span out of ad blockers Shine, has joined the IAB

Tim Maytom

The IAB UK has granted membership status to Prism, the ad company that emerged from ad blocking software firm Shine Technologies. Launched in 2015 as a controversial network-level ad blocker, the company has since shed senior management, re-engineered its solution and rebranded to Prism Platform. The company was also briefly known as Rainbow while the new management workedd on repositioning the company.

Prism makes use of first-party data gathered by consumer opt-in for targeting solutions and behavioural insights, and works with advertisers and publishers to ensure that served ads meet ad industry standards, including the IAB’s LEAN principles which were established to fight back against the rise of ad blocking by ensuring non-invasive, light-weight ads.

Advertisers and publishers are able to get ads verified before they are served to the end consumer, a service the firm offers free of charge, and publishers are provided with an early warning system for non-compliants ads, enabling them to be replaced before they are served.

“Relaunching the company as Prism Platform is a firm and final departure from the legacy of Shine, a company known for its negative and irresponsible rhetoric more than for its action,” said James Collier, chief revenue officer and co-founder of Prism. “Rainbow was an intermediate step for us on our journey to reposition the company.

“We have now redeveloped the ad compliance technology into a trusted and brand-safe platform that is designed to work with all the key stakeholders of the digital content and advertising industry to provide targeting solutions for brands and publishers, open revenue streams for carriers, give insights into human behaviour and ensure a relevant, engaging ad experience for consumers.”

Addressing Prism’s entry into the IAB, Tim Elkington, chief digital officer at the IAB UK said: “Prism has changed and because of that, we can accept them as members. Like any member, we hope they’ll take part in the Gold Standard (the IAB’s recently-unveiled pledge for higher ad quality) to help build a sustainable future for digital advertising.”

“We are delighted to become members of the IAB UK, who are an important fixture in the fight for better brand and consumer ad experiences,” said Collier. “We fully support the IAB in their efforts to reverse and stop the continued growth of ad-blocking; as a technology company focused on keeping the internet free, we work to enable all stakeholders gain a better experience from digital advertising.

“Our mission is to enhance the experience of every stakeholder involved in digital advertising, with consumers, brands, advertisings and publishers able to reach the best audiences in a transparent way, without supplementing the end consumer experience. Our membership with the IAB speaks to this – we have firmly placed increased trust and transparency at the centre of our activity, and hope to encourage all stakeholders to adhere to IAB guidelines and best practices.”