Prisma Launches Sponsored Photo Filters with Gett

Prisma GettPokémon Go may be dominating the app stores and grabbing headlines right now, but its not the only hot app on the rise this summer. Prisma is a photo editing app that applies filters based on famous artworks, and if youre not one of the reported 7.5m to have already downloaded it, youve likely seen the resulting pictures popping up on Instagram or Twitter.

As Prisma begins to monetise that audience, it has introduced sponsored filters, with taxi ordering app Gett one of its first patrons.

Gett is sponsoring the #GettUrban filter, which gives photos desaturated look picking out grey, purple and yellow shades – meant to match the kind of city life where Gett is most commonly used.

“Both Prisma and Gett are great examples of how even new industries can be disrupted through bold, innovative thinking and cutting-edge technology,” said Gett founder and CEO Shahar Waiser. “We are therefore thrilled to collaborate with Prisma on launching the #GettUrban filter and hope that millions of Gett and Prisma consumers will use it to create memorable works of art.”

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