Privacy is a Commodity says CIM

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) says that mobile presents new challenges and opportunities in terms of data privacy. 

In a new whitepaper, called Its Not a Phone: The Future of Mobile Marketing, the industry body says that marketers should resist assumptions about how users view their privacy online, when working with mobile. 

Mark Blayney Stuart, head of research at the CIM, says: “Privacy has a value, like any other commodity, and as long as marketers are transparent about what they do with customer information, its possible to be permitted that value if you offer the right incentive.”

Stuart says that mobile is no longer a separate channel. “Its what people use when they visit other channels,” he says. “Mobiles are the extension of us and we only use it for what we want, and we dont have to react well to anyone intruding or using it in ways we dont like – marketing via mobile platforms needs to evolve to ensure that messages are informative and useful, and not intrusive.”

The paper recommends that marketers present data requests as an incentivised choice for consumers. It says that marketers should use the capability of mobile phones to tap into personal locations, and also recommends that marketers adjust strategies that allow people to easily share content from campaigns on social media sites. 

The paper is free to download for Chartered Institute of Marketing members, and £15 for non-members. Click here to get your hands on it.