Probability Launches Roulette HD

Mobile entertainment gambling services and technology firm Probability plc has launched Roulette HD, offering high-end Android and iOS players what it says is the most advanced, feature-rich, Roulette experience available on mobile.

Built entirely in HTML5 using a completely new framework developed in-house by the Probability team, Roulette HD brings many new features to the mobile gaming experience. These include the ability to switch between European and American tables in the same app; auto-spin functionality for repeat play; the ability to save betting patterns and quickly load them back onto the table later; chip colour selection; game stats and betting history; and HD graphics, responsive and intuitive interfaces, smooth animation and crystal clear sound.

The game designers have also maximised the touchscreen interface to allow free dragging of chips around the table, so the game can be controlled with one hand without compromising speed and accuracy in placing chip patterns. The game also features a split-screen display while the wheel spins, so that players can see their bets and the spin of the wheel at the same time.

“This game has been a labour of love for us,” said Probability COO, Matt Sunderland. “We’ve studied the habits of millions of Roulette players to refine and build a new version of one of our most popular games, as well as speaking to customers and undertaking field research in casinos and talking to professionals there.  I think our game creates the closest experience possible to real casino roulette.”