ProcessFlows Launches SMS Appointment Reminders

Data management company ProcessFlows has launched a service for the medical profession that sends an SMS to patients to remind them of their forthcoming appointment. 

Appointment ProcessFlows combines text and speech technology to deliver an automated patient reminder system. The system works alongside the GP practices patient records system, according to the firm.

ProcessFlows has developed Appointment ProcessFlows to help reduce the number of DNAs – or Did Not Attends in the health service. According to the company, each DNA costs the NHS £50. The software is also designed to maximise medical professionals time and increase patient throughput, according to the firm. 

“There will always be genuine reasons for missed appointments, but as medical appointments can be made weeks, or even months in advance, it is very easy to forget about them,” says Darren Saunders, business development manager at ProcessFlows. “A reminder by text – perhaps scheduled a week before the appointment, then another the day before – which gives patients the option to confirm or request an alternative appointment, will dramatically cut the DNAs and have a big impact on the number of patients seen per day.”

Appointment ProcessFlows is being launched at HealthCare 2011, which takes place at the ICC in Birmingham this week.