ProDog Raw campaign aims to debunk raw dog food myths

Raw dog food brand ProDog Raw has launched an ad campaign that aims to debunk inaccurate raw feeding myths.

While the benefits of raw feeding are becoming more widely accepted, many owners remain heavily influenced by misplaced stereotypes and assumptions. For example, as veganism has soared in popularity amongst humans, many dog owners are subsequently choosing to feed their pets vegan diets; something which concerns ProDog Raws experts, including Dr Nick Thompson, The Holistic Vet. Meanwhile, many assume that raw food for dogs is not nutritionally complete, that its unhealthy, complicated and ultimately unsustainable.

The campaign aims to address all these issues. It will run on ProDog Raws social channels and the company’s website.

“At ProDog Raw we’re dedicated to protecting and enriching dogs’ health,” said ProDog Raw CEO, Heidi Maskelyne. “We work with countless experts to make sure that everything we advise, and all of the products we create, are supported by rigorous research and indisputable findings. Our team have spent years honing their understanding of dogs’ diets and we can now say, without any doubt, that we understand what they need to thrive. Quite simply, that’s a raw meat-based diet.

“With this knowledge behind us, it’s concerning to see so many misconceptions continue to gain momentum. Those who aren’t familiar with the reality of raw feeding jump to all kinds of conclusions far too quickly; raw food subscriptions needn’t break the bank, and, ultimately, a quality raw diet provides your dog with all of the nutrition they need.

“Our new advert addresses the myths without holding back, whilst proudly and clearly sharing important information with dog owners. We hope it starts a conversation, introducing dog owners everywhere to what really is the ideal diet for man’s best friend.