Programmatic Lunch: Where does programmatic fit into the brand safety controversy?

  • Thursday, December 21st, 2017
  • Author: Tim Maytom
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Our Programmatic Lunch event, we brought together the entire programmatic chain to discuss the issues that mattered most to everyone involved in the ecosystem, from publishers and SSPs to media agencies and brands.

With programmatic continuing to dominate the conversation throughout 2017, we took the opportunity to ask some of the industrys leading thinkers about the topics that have repeatedly been in the news this year.

Brand safety has been one of the biggest controversies in advertising this year, with particular focus falling on programmatic and whether it can ever truly deliver brand safe placement at scale. We talk to experts from throughout the chain about how the industry moves forward, if enough is being done to put protections for brands in place, and whether or not the digital duopoly has poisoned the well for smaller, safer firms?