Alphabet in talks with Kenyan telecoms operators to deliver connectivity via Loon

Tyrone Stewart

Project LoonAlphabet’s Project Loon will reportedly bring its balloons to Kenya in order to provide high-speed internet to rural parts of the East Africa nation.

Project Loon began life as a Google project back in 2013 and is now housed within Alphabet’s innovation lab, X. Through the project, solar-powered balloons are launched into the sky that are capable of providing remote areas with internet access, working similarly to a mobile phone tower.

Joe Muchera, Kenya’s information, communication and technology minister, told Reuters that Loon representatives were currently “holding talks” with telecoms operators in Kenya about deploying the technology – a statement which has since been confirmed by the project.

“The Loon team are still working out contracts and hopefully once that is done, we can be able to see almost every part of the country covered,” Muchera told the news publication.

“Connectivity is critical. If you are not online, you are left out.”

Last year, Project Loon used its balloons to help bring connectivity to the people of Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria.