PROJECT Magazine iPadifies its Design

PROJECT Magazine, the iPad-only lifestyle, culture and technology from Virgin and Seven, has issued a navigation revamp. 

The revamp has been implemented on the back of feedback from readers and reader analytics data, combined with monthly feedback from Apples own iPad evangelists. 

Now on its seventh issue, the magazines creators say its design has been “iPadified”.  

“Theres no other word for it,” says a Seven statement. “Much of PROJECTs initial layout was based, understandably, on existing paper magazine ideals. Not any more: its gone back to basics. There are new, elegant fonts, tested to render perfectly, a more vibrant colour palette that befits the iPads backlit screen and clever new visual tricks, such as pull up/down boxes for extra content, so that pages look less crowded.”

The creators say they have strived to implement navigation that is more instinctive, and add additional content to articles under the surface. Better social integration is also central to the redesign – the new issue has full Facebook integration, allowing users to share articles with friends.