Proludic Turns to QR to Get Britons Exercising

Alex Spencer

Outdoor playground equipment supplier Proludic have enlisted the aid of Olympians Steve Backley and Roger Black in a smartphone campaign to get Britons taking part in exercise and sport in parks.

The athletes will act as ‘virtual coaches’, in videos featuring of the pair giving fitness advice. By scanning QR codes placed next to Proludic's outdoor equipment, users can download relevant coaching videos, including suggestions for active games and challenges.

“One of main aims of London 2012 is to create a lasting legacy of participation in sport and exercise.  Our local parks are the logical place to start, as they are the one free resource to which we all have access,” says Black. “However, there’s a real need to not only invest in these facilities, but also show people how they can get the most out of what’s available to them.  We also need to find new ways to get the message across to teenagers, so using new technology and tapping into social networks was something we were very keen to do.”

The equipment will appear in parks from April 2012, as part of Sports Legacy Zones.