Property App Allows Landlords to Check Up On Tenants

Legal 4 Landlords, a company that specialises in lettings and evictions, has created an iPhone app to help landlords avoid problem tenants. The app, called Legal 4 Landlords, allows property owners to run a check on a tenant blacklist, to make sure they dont let property to people with a history of unpaid rent or damage. The app also offers reference information on evictions, tenant referencing, rent recovery, and tracing missing tenants. 

Sim Sekhon, director at Legal 4 Landlords, says: “Were approached on a daily basis by landlords wanting to do a quick background check on a prospective tenant. These checks can take time, so we thought it made perfect sense to develop an app which will do this in seconds.”

The app is available as a free download from the Apple App Store. Sekhon says it is the complete solution for UK landlords and letting agents.