Proxama Collaborates with Nokia on NFC

Near Field Communications (NFC) technology firm Proxama has revealed that it is collaborating with Nokia on developing NFC applications for Nokia smartphones, starting with the C7.

Proxama has designed a complete NFC-driven service package, featuring its TagCenter app that will enable Nokia NFC phone users to get instant, media-rich brand experiences from NFC data tags on posters, product packaging and point-of–sale displays.

There are three core elements in Proxama’s NFC-driven service package. The first is TagCenter, an app that instantly reads and loads media-rich content by tapping the handset on data-encoded advertising tags. It also provides links to other apps and web content. Second are NFC advertising tags – data tags containing programmable microchips that hold media-rich content which is sent to an NFC-enabled mobile when tapped, to provide an instant brand experience such as a voucher, coupon or video. The tags can be laminated onto posters, embedded into product packaging or stuck onto trading cards, key fobs and a host of other marketing collateral.

The third is Proxama’s PosterTouch campaign manager, a campaign management server which enables advertisers to create new NFC advertising tags and which monitors and collates detailed customer analytical data, giving advertisers real-time campaign analysis.