Pru Launches Mobile Tools

Prudential Retirement has launched a set of mobile applications for customers of its retirement services and products. 

Prudential Retirement has enabled mobile account access for its 2.5m retirement plan participants and is making its Retirement Income Calculator available for American customers on their mobile devices.

There is a mobile-optimised web site that allows users to view account information including balances, personal rates of return, and year-to-date contributions, as well as link to Prudentials full-service website on their mobile device.

The company has also made its Retirement Income Calculator app available from the Apple App Store, Android Market and BlackBerrys App World for free. The app allows users to input personal information and details of their age, savings, and salary, and calculate their estimated monthly retirement income and estimated monthly retirement income need. 

“While most people view the total savings they have accumulated and the figure looks big, they are often surprised how quickly the funds decrease,” says Kara Segreto, chief marketing officer of Prudential Retirement. “Our experience with providing the calculator to plan participants has repeatedly shown that when employees view the monthly estimates, they are motivated to increase contributions into their retirement accounts. We see sharing the calculator as one additional, important step in helping Americans achieve retirement security.”