Pryzm parent Deltic teams up with Corethree to launch nightclub apps

Deltic Group, the UK’s largest operator of nightlife venues, has partnered with Corethree, a mobile ticketing and cashless payment solution provider, to launch a collection of mobile apps unique to each of Deltic’s bar and club brands. By collaborating with Corethree, Deltic aims to strengthen customer relationships, drive loyalty, and increase sales and venue efficiencies while expanding into a new digital marketing channel. The mobile apps will enable customers to remotely purchase tickets and upload an approved form of identification, enabling faster and easier entrance into Deltic venues.

The Deltic Group owns and operates 55 bars and clubs across the UK, spanning from Aberdeen to Plymouth, and employs over 3,000 people. Previously, Deltic had been using a single customer view (SCV) database to successfully personalise marketing for its brands, which include Pryzm, Bar & Beyond, Atik, Fiction, Cameo, Kuda, and Vinyl. According to Tim Howard, marketing director for the Deltic Group, the company is keen to venture into a new channel of customer engagement marketing and create a safe, busy, and connected night-life atmosphere.

“From our point of view, we are the biggest late-night business in town. We’re live entertainment venues that tend to be at 2,000-3,000 capacity,” said Howard. “Security, safety, and under-age drinking are all obstacles in this business, and we can address these issues by working with Corethree to optimise our mobile apps.

“Mobile marketing is a valuable channel for connecting to our customers in a direct yet more personalised way. We needed to partner with a mobile technology provider that would not only deliver bespoke apps for every brand, but more importantly provide a powerful back-end infrastructure to help us deliver the best customer engagement across our brand portfolio,” continued Howard. “Our new Corethree-developed apps will be underpinned by established technology capable of tying each customer and their preferences back to our individual brands and their venues, helping Deltic to become a more granular data-driven business.”

As part of the partnership, Corethree’s distributed cloud-based content management, integration and delivery platform, Core Engine, will be added to the apps, enabling Deltic to collect and analyse customer data. The technology will enable Deltic to track customer engagement, ticket purchases, and loyalty, resulting in more personalised data-driven services, tailored promotions for users, and increased ticket sales.

Corethree plans to bring their extensive data mining experience to help the nightlife company better understand individual customers, enhance customer interaction, and revamp the human-to-human experience, according to Ashley Murdoch, chief executive officer of Corethree.

“We are excited to be partnering with Deltic to boost the digital marketing of its individual businesses and showcase what we can bring to the entertainment space,” said Murdoch. “The first step will be to listen and learn about all the separate brands before using our proven experience, skills and technology to develop tailored mobile solutions that will accelerate each brand’s ability to become data-driven and provide its customers with a truly personal experience.”