Pub Chain Nicholsons Embraces Digital Loyalty with App

hop circle nicholsons appPub chain and ale specialist Nicholsons has launched an app with a built-in digital stamp card, aiming to encourage its Cask Ale Club members to replace their paper based loyalty cards with its new mobile system.

Developed in conjunction with digital consumer engagement specialists Eagle Eye Solutions, the Hop Circle app enables users to collect loyalty points and encourages them to try ales at the various different Nicholsons pubs as part of its unique Ale Trail, as well as delivering news and offers to members.

The company hopes the app will give them greater insight and information into their guests, including preferences, purchasing behaviour and which rewards they prefer. The app also enables Nicholsons to communicate with its customers through push notifications, increasing engagement with both the app and the brand.

“People predominantly associate loyalty programs with coffee chains,” said Phillip Blundell, CEO of Eagle Eye Solutions. “However, loyalty schemes are equally important for the hospitality sector. Nicholsons new app will enhance their relationship with their customers, whilst driving footfall to their various individual pubs.

“The previous paper-based system did not provide them with this level of tangible data insights that could be applied to key business decisions. Knowing the preferences of your customers is critical to staying ahead in this increasingly competitive market.”

“The evolution of the partnership with Eagle Eye Solutions brings great benefit to Nicholsons,” said Giles Codd, marketing manager at Nicholsons. “Loyalty is key in the hospitality market and we want to ensure that we are using the very latest technologies to maintain and build a greater understanding of our customer base, and what appeals to them.”