Publicis Groupe Benelux launches The Metaphone recruitment campaign

Publicis Groupe Benelux has launched an innovative recruitment campaign, centred on The Metaphone – a giant red telephone in Decentraland that rings day and night, waiting for the right talent to pick up the phone. When they do, a personal message will invite them to leave their details behind and answer with a message of their own.

The metaverse has existed in the gaming industry for over 20 years, but today its where a new generation of creative talent is coming to play, discover and create. A world in which our digital and physical lives are starting to converge. And, Publicis Groupe believes, the perfect spot to find talent that understands the metaverse. By using outdated technology – an old-school rotary telephone – it is enticing them to leave the virtual world for an instant to show their talent in the real world.

According to Eva Devos, Co-CEO at Publicis Groupe Belgium, its the responsibility of marketers and agencies to deserve people’s attention every time they communicate. The metaverse is no exception:

“Brands and agencies will play a vital role in the transition from the real to the virtual world, but only if they understand what moves people there. The Metaphone is a bridge between worlds and a bold new way to approach creative talent that understands the Metaverse and can help us build it. All they have to do, is pick up the Metaphone.”

Visit the Metaphone here.