PubMatic aims to evolve the SSP business model with PubMatic Cloud

Publisher-focused sell-side platform (SSP) PubMatic has announced the launch of a new solution for publishers and tech companies, PubMatic Cloud, that aims to offer firms control over their own programmatic technology.

PubMatic Cloud will operate on a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) basis, with clients able to access PubMatics technology, global infrastructure and demand connections while still achieving full transparency and gaining greater control over their programmatic monetisation.

With as many as 65 per cent of marketers aiming to take at least some of their programmatic spending in-house this year, programmatic is facing a significant shift. While innovations such as header bidding and improved fraud controls have resulted in gains for publishers, they have also contributed to ballooning infrastructure costs and overhead and integrations with the buy-side and third-party ad tech firms grow more complex.

Both digital content creators and the tech companies that serve them are faced with a choice between continuing to transact via revenue share models, or making significant investments in engineering to build competing SSPs in-house. PubMatic are hoping to offer an alternative to that with PubMatic Cloud.

With a rich set of APIs in a fully-vetted, configurable solution, PubMatic Cloud aims to provide full transparency and control to publishers, enabling them to ramp up a fully-supported and integrated programmatic solution while still enabling tech providers to enhance their offerings.

PubMatics out-of-the-bos SSP offers integrations with over 200 DSPs and other buyers, and PubMatic Cloud will also include the firms ad scanning, fraud detection and brand safety tools to ensure quality control for clients.

“For over a decade, PubMatic has been fine-tuning our platform, building a global infrastructure, integrating hundreds of demand partners, attracting and retaining engineering talent, incorporating machine learning and more,” said Jeff Hirsch, chief marketing officer and head of US publisher development at PubMatic.

“Wanting to replicate that from scratch is like wanting to start your own search enginer from scratch. We are able to provide an attractive, alternative pricing model with PubMatic Cloud because we have already aligned our business to be able to ramp up publishers quickly and ensure our clients ongoing success.”