PubMatic Launches Real-time, Natural Language Analytics Solution

PubMatic-logo-460x261Programmatic platform PubMatic has launched an analytics solutions that provides both real-time reporting and natural language processing, with the aim of empowering both casual and power users by providing immediate access to data in everyday language.

The use of natural language processing enables users to build reports with simple questions or statements, such as show me revenue eCPM and impressions for August by buyer and generate insights for clients without the need for coding language or Boolean queries.

In addition to this new functionality, the PubMatic Analytics solution provides real-time analytics and data visualisation, helping marketers identify patterns and improve campaigns.

“PubMatic Analytics is an industry-first,” said Rajeev Goel, co-founder and CEO of PubMatic. “Were providing our customers with actionable insights at the speed of programmatic, which is real-time. We challenged ourselves to provide a completely new analytics paradigm that enables our customers to make faster and more intelligent decisions to enable their business.

“With this release, our clients have not only the ability to transact seamlessly across mobile, tablet, desktop and video using the PubMatic platform, but also have access to the industrys most innovative solution for fully understanding and analysing the performance of their inventory across a variety of metrics within a single location.”