PubMatic Launches Seven Revenue Management Platform for Publishers


PubMatic has launched Seven, its revenue management platform that promises to give publishers full control of their digital assets and provides media buyers with the ability to purchase verified audiences and premium inventory at scale across all screens, channels, and formats.

The platform includes solutions for management of ad decisioning, automating the buying and selling of inventory, managing quality control and compliance, and providing real-time data and analytics.

Launched as part of Seven are PubMatic’s unified ad server and OpenWrap – which makes its enterprise-grade wrapper tag available on an open-source basis – offerings, but the platform also houses its existing products including SSP, RTB, PMP, analytics and header bidding.

“PubMatic is deeply invested in providing the technology that enables the future of publishing,” said Kirk McDonald, president of PubMatic. “The rapidly changing nature of digital has led our industry to focus on reactive strategies rather than solutions that enable long-term success. More so now than ever before, technology needs to be independent, and to allow publishers and buyers to have control over their business strategy. Seven gives publishers the tools they need to build a competitive advantage in today’s complex ecosystem.”