PubNative launches hybrid server-side and mobile in-app solution

Tim Maytom

Mobile monetisation platform PubNative has launched HyBid, a hybrid server-side exchange bidding and mobile in-app pre-bidding solution that aims to give developers more control over ad decisioning.

By leveraging both server-side exchange bidding and in-app pre-bidding technologies, the firm hopes to allow multiple buyers to compete simultaneously in a unified auction that maximises revenues, while also segmenting valuable impressions to the most competitive buyers. According to the company, the solution has resulting in 35 per cent performance uplift over the top monetisation solutions on the market.

"PubNative's hybrid solution is a necessary shift to a more level playing field where buyers no longer bid in the dark, competing on 100 per cent of the impression opportunities available and only bidding if it matches their desired audience," said Ionut Ciobotaru, CEO of PubNative. "The technology also helps publishers understand the value of their inventory and deliver high-quality content experiences for their users.

"HyBid is a crucial step toward democratising the advertising technology industry by opening up media access to all potential buyers instead of a preferred few. I'm confident that the improved transparency will encourage more brand advertisers to invest in mobile, which in turn will push more revenue through the entire ecosystem. It's truly a win-win for everyone."

PubNative says that HyBid will eliminate the inefficiences and historic pricing methods associated with the traditional waterfall process by allowing publishers to conduct a parallel auction, receiving bids in real-time before the server makes an ad call. This new process promises to offer more transparency and efficiency by creating a more competitive auction, which increases inventory for buyers nad maximises yield for publishers.

"Together with PubNative, we are able to efficiently buy audiences across dozens of fully transparent apps," said Mike Chevalier, vice president of North American sales at Rubicon Project. "Through our collaboration, we have further refined our focus on delivering engaging, interactive, advertising experiences to relevant users without any format restrictions."