Pulse and POKE Collaborate on Skype Mobile Campaign

Pulse Films, in partnership with digital agency POKE, have developed Skype.Outside., an ambitious live web project to help market Skypes Mobile service. Users are invited to use Skype to send a personal message to one of five artists located in Australia, Tokyo, Turkey, Barcelona and Minneapolis. The artists pick up the message on Skype Mobile and then interpret the message as outdoor art using methods related to their territory, such as tree-carving in the Turkish forest, crazy Japanese street theatre, or playing with light and shadow in the Australian outback.
The messages are filmed and edited by local film crews, overseen by project director Ben Woolf of Pulse Films, and are uploaded locally to a website, created by POKE, within 24 hours. Weekly summary videos highlight the best video messages. The project will run for four weeks, after which Woolf will turn the messages into a series of five short documentaries.