Push Messaging Increases Engagement by 88 Per Cent

Localytics_logoNew research has shown that apps that have integrated push messaging show 88 per cent higher user engagement on average.

The research, carried out by analytics and marketing platform Localytics, examined apps across both iOS and Android, and found that users with push messaging enabled showed much higher engagement with apps across a variety of metrics. App abandonment rates for one time app use dropped from 21 per cent to 11 per cent for push-enabled users, and overall they had nearly three time higher retention rates compared to users who disable push messages.

eCommerce apps saw the highest boost in engagement from push-enabled users, with a 278 per cent increase in engagement. Music, travel and food & drink apps also saw increases over 100 per cent thanks to push messaging, showing the power that well-timed, personalised messages can have.

“Targeting has always been important to marketers, but when it comes to mobile marketing, tailoring your messaging to custom audience segments is critical in building customer relationships,” said Raj Aggarwal, CEO and co-founder of Localytics. “When done correctly, push messaging can help increase retention up to three times. More specifically, 62 per cent of useers will return to an app if they are sent a push message, whereas only 32 per cent of users will return if not prompted with push.”