Q4 Accounted for Nearly Half of Tablet Sales in 2012

In Q4, 2012, global tablet sales reached 64m units, according to research from Futuresource Consulting, nearly double sales the quarter before. In fact, the quarter accounted for nearly half of all 2012s tablet sales. Presumably, this is due to the effect of Christmas, as well as the increasing momentum of the tablet market.

Thats a growth of 119 per cent year-on-year – certainly nothing to sniff at but, in the year it felt like tablets really took off, the number seems strangely low. 

Sales for the whole of 2012 totalled 136m, according to Futuresource. Comparing with its 2011 figures, growth for the year was actually lower still – 113 per cent, up from 64m units in 2012.

Meanwhile, ABI Research has released its own forecasts for tablet sales, estimating that 145m tablet devices will ship worldwide in 2013. Comparing this prediction with Futuresources figures, thats a year-on-year growth of just six per cent.