QR Code Campaign Delivers 150,000 Scans in 3 Months

David Murphy

Verizon teamed up with ScanLife to promote the wide variety of apps available using the Motorola DROID. QR Codes are being used as part of an integrated campaign which included print ads, in-store displays, direct mail, websites and ads targeting iPad users.

When a consumer sees campaign collateral containing a code, they are directed to use the ScanLife app, or download it by texting SCAN to 43588 for “Instant Gratification”.

Users with an Android-powered device are taken directly to a specific application on Android Market for download, or to a mobile site with some of the top apps. If a user scans the code using another type of smartphone, they are redirected to a mobile-formatted site that explains the benefits of the DROID and the variety of apps available.

In just over three months, the campaign has seen over 150,000 scans, making it the most successful ScanLife campaign in N. America. The technology has opened up a world of immediate access for DROID customers directly from a wide variety of material.

Key Learnings 

  • Using codes in an integrated way, across media will significantly increase results
  • The web is a good environment for codes if it adds value (i.e. linking to mobile app downloads)
  • Codes should provide immediate access to relevant content when consumers need it
  • The technology is universally used across a wide range of age groups

Data from the ScanLife reporting system reveals that 67 per cent of those interacting with the ampaign are male; 37 per cent female. In terms of age, 27 per cent are aged 18-24; 21 per cent are 25-34; 20 per cent are 35-44; 19 per cent are 45-54; and 8 per cent are 55 or over. The remaining 5 per cent are under 18.

24 per cent of those who interacted with the campaign earn $100,000 (£65,000) or more. And in terms of handsets, 87 per cent were, not surprisingly, on Android, with 9 per cent on BlackBerry, 3 per cent on iPhone and 1 per cent on Windows Mobile.