QR Pay Launches Scanner App for iOS

QR Pay has launched its QR Pal app for iOS. A QR code scanner, the free app also enables users to save, share, and edit the codes. It also features a secure payment facility, via PayPal, and safe browsing.

“There are plenty of QR Code scanners available on the market but we wanted to create more than just a scanner,”says Chris Cooke, QR Pay CTO. “With QR code usage really beginning to explode, we wanted to make QR Pal useful for the end user and, more importantly, give them the ability to share their scans via social media.”

QR Pal also rewards users for scanning and sharing codes with a points system – and the top three point scores each month will be rewarded with a cash prize.

QR Pal launched for Android in August 2011 and has since been used to scan over 28,000 QR Codes in 126 countries worldwide. QR Pay also offers an online QR Code Generator which can be used to generate codes with a choice of call-to-action messages pointing consumers without a scanner towards the app, via SMS or a URL.