Qualcomm Adds More 3Pre Program Partners

Qualcomm has added several new partners to its Brew Mobile Platform (Brew MP) 3Pre program. To date, more than 25 companies are participating in the program. New developers joining the 3Pre program now include ACCESS, Bluestreak Technology, Cequint, Funambol, Jibe Mobile, PixSense and UIEvolution.

Under the 3Pre program, Qualcomm is working with key software providers to optimize, pre-integrate and distribute key software components with the Brew MP operating system, allowing developers to distribute their applications prior to the launch of new handsets, in order to reduce development time and cost.

The 3Pre program offers applications from multiple software companies for numerous application categories, including browsers, messaging, navigation and others. It provides support to mobile device manufacturers, operators and members of the developer community with a focus on integrating core, pre-loaded applications.

“Qualcomm is committed to advancing the reach of Brew MP, and subsequently delivering richer applications and better experiences to consumers using a range of devices across the worlds largest markets,” says Mitch Oliver, vice president of ecosystem development for Qualcomm. “By fostering increased collaboration within the Brew MP ecosystem, we envision many more devices and applications benefiting consumers who desire a more compelling and personal mobile experience all around the world.”

Brew Mobile Platform is a mobile operating system that delivers smartphone functionality across virtually all tiers of devices, including the emerging tier of mass-market smartphones. The operating system enables advanced capabilities such as touchscreen, rich multimedia, window management, open platform extensibility and expanded support for native application development.