Qualcomm and TDK Complete Joint Venture

Qualcomm + TDKQualcomm and TDK have completed a joint venture under the name RF360 Holdings Singapore. The venture aims to enable Qualcomm’s RF front-end (RFFE) business unit to deliver RFFE modules and RF filters into fully integrated systems for mobile devices, internet of things (IoT), automotive apps, connected computing, and more.

RF360 Holdings will include filters and filter technologies – such as surface acoustic wave (SAW), temperature-compensated SAW and bulk acoustic wave (BAW) – to support the range of frequency bands deployed in networks around the world.

“The ongoing expansion of mobile communication across multiple industries, and the unprecedented deployment of multi-carrier 4G technologies now reaching over sixty-five 3GPP frequency bands are driving manufacturers of wireless solutions to higher levels of miniaturisation, integration and performance, especially for the RFFE in these devices,” said Cristiano Amon, executive VP at Qualcomm Technologies and president of QCT. “Further, 5G will increase the level of complexity even more. To that end, the ability to provide the ecosystem a truly complete solution is essential to enabling our customers to deliver mobile solutions at scale and on time.”

Qualcomm and TDK say that, in addition to the joint venture, they will ‘deepen their technological cooperation to cover a wide range of cutting-edge technologies for next generation mobile communications, IoT, and automotive applications’.