Qualcomm Unveils Vellamo

Qualcomm’s Innovation Center has unveiled Vellamo,  a benchmarking tool for evaluating mobile web performance.

Vellamo enables users to evaluate which Android devices deliver the best mobile web experiences. It provides a holistic view into browser performance by measuring each component systematically, providing results for CPU and memory, scrolling, JavaScript, HTML5, canvas rendering speed and network access. 

The tool incorporates industry-standard and bespoke benchmarks. Rendering tests includes a variety of tests for HTML5 Canvas, plus pixel manipulation and blending. Networking tests include page download, reload and cache performance. For Javascript, Vellamo incorporates the Webkit Sunspider benchmark, as well as the V8 Benchmarking Suite from Google. And in the area of UI (User Interface, Vellamo includes multiple scrolling tests for images, text and sample web pages.

“By putting all of these together, Vellamo is able to exercise both the performance, as well as the stability, of the entire web browsing system on your smartphone or tablet device,” explains Qualcomm director of product management, Sy Choudhury.

Velamo is available as a free download on Android Market now. There’s a video demo of Vellamo in action here.