Quantcast Applies Search Data for Smart Targeting at Scale

  • Thursday, September 10th, 2015
  • Author: Tim Maytom
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quantcastSearch has been a staple of digital marketing for 20 years, with marketers having honed and perfected their approaches over thousands of campaigns to make it one of the most efficient and effective means of advertising available. However, searchs place at the bottom of the funnel means that data derived from search is still of limited use to the wider marketing ecosystem.

Quantcast are hoping to change this with a new solution called the Search Powered Audiences suite, which aims to enable brands to more effectively reach the most receptive audiences at scale and more accurately influence consumers.

Search has become a standard at the narrow end of the marketing funnel, driving broad industry adoption of keywords as a standardised way of describing desirable audiences. However, the broader use of these targeting taxonomies is limited, because it depends  on consumers actively entering terms into search engines, by which time they usually already know what they are searching for.

The Search Powered Audiences suite aims to remove this limitation, combining the precision and strong indication of intent of search advertising with Quantcasts existing ability to accurately build and target audiences across multiple platforms at scale.

“With Search Powered Audiences, we are unlocking the power of search for brand marketers,” said Jag Duggal, senior vice president of product management at Quantcast. “The intent data in search is useful throughout the funnel, not just at the very bottom. The combination of search with our insight into live digital consumer behaviour creates an incredibly powerful solution for marketers and brands alike.”

The solution has been tested with over 300 brands across the globe, including 10 of the worlds largest automotive brands, two large US mobile operators and four leading airline brands, all of whom have reported positive feedback on the results.