Quantcast Offers Programmatic Training

Tim Maytom

quantcast 4asBig data-focused mobile advertising firm Quantcast has teamed up with the 4A's, the advertising trade association, to offer educational and training resources to its members aimed at ensuring marketers are up-to-date with the constantly changing world of programmatic advertising.

The 4A's Programmatic Workshop was announced at its annual Transformation Conference in Miami, and will be powered by Quantcast's existing industry training program, the Real-Time Advertising Academy.

Despite its rapid growth and growing dominance, programmatic and real-time advertising remains a frustratingly opaque subject to many industry professionals, and Quantcast developed its training program as a way of addressing this knowledge gap between ad tech and media buying professionals.

"Programmatic digital display advertising spend is set to reach $27bn (£19bn) by 2017 and is driving marketers' appetite to understand the opportunity," said Konrad Feldman, CEO and co-founder of Quantcast. "We're excited to extend Quantcast's Real-Time Academy industry courses through this partnership with the 4A's.

"Together, we will educate marketers on this rapidly evolving digital landscape, helping them to understand how they can employ these new tools and services our industry has to offer."

The program includes a self-paced curriculum that introduces participants to the fundamentals of digital and mobile advertising, and is designed for advertising professionals at any stage of their career to provide a detailed understanding of the digital ad industry and the programmatic ecosystem.

"The 4A's is excited to partner with Quantcast to continue to bring our members top-notch educational training," said Bill Tucker, executive vice president of media relations for the 4A's. "Programmatic advertising is a hot topic, and there's a real need for education. People who are hands-on doing programmatic every day know it well, but their colleagues in other disciplines may need a crash course to be able to talk the talk."