Queue-Evading Brits Cost the High Street 21m Sales

Brits dont like to queue, according to research from YouGov, meaning retailers could be missing out on 20.65m potential sales – but the mobile wallet could be the answer. 59 per cent of shoppers would not be prepared to wait in a “very long queue”, according to the research – 32 per cent would would choose to purchase the same item online instead.

“Life is tough for high street retailers at the moment,” says Rob Cushen, retail consulting director at YouGov. “Long queues force shoppers online – and once there they prefer online specialists like Amazon. This is a huge lost opportunity for the high street. The solution is not to increase the number of staff to handle queues, but the smart use of technology”.

When asked about the factors in queuing that retailers have control over, 23 per cent named payment methods taking too long – one way of reducing these waits, of course, being contactless payment. In YouGov’s quarterly Mobile Wallet survey, which asked respondents about their reason for getting a mobile phone handset capable of contactless payment, 74 per cent cited convenience, 63 per cent named speed of payment, and 59 per cent said it was easier than paying by cash or cards.

“Online banking faced the same challenges that a mobile wallet system faces now, and as with any technology involving personal finances, reassuring customers that the technology is safe and secure, educating them, and having systems in place if something does go wrong will be the keys to success,” says Russell Feldman, associate director at YouGov. “Our research suggests some shoppers are ready to try out mobile wallet payments, so high street retailers have a real opportunity to tackle the queues by adopting contactless technology. The current economic climate could be the catalyst to go contactless: not only keeping customers satisfied as queues are reduced, but allow retailers to compete more effectively with their online counterparts.”