Quidco App Offers Cash for Checking In

UK cashback site Quidco has relaunched its app, building on its location-based check in functionality. The Android and iOS app can be used to check into retail high street locations to receive vouchers, in-store cashback opportunities, and credit paid into their Quidco account.

The number of participating retailers has increased tenfold, from seven to 70, including Debenhams, Argos and HMV – and the number of locations has increased even more, from 1,000, to over 22,000.

And its not just their own stores that retailers can target with these offers – shoppers logging on in competitors locations can be given offers too.

“Improving our mobile app has, and will continue to be, a key business focus for us,” says Quidco sales director Andreas Andreou. “Our app is an extremely powerful tool for retailers, as it enables them to place their offers in front of customers shopping in a competitor’s store. Coupled with our in-store cashback programme, the app will be able to convert these customers into shoppers. Combine this with our online platform and we have a powerful multichannel proposition for any advertiser wanting to take advantage.” 

The app has also improved its social media sharing functionality, and streamlined the joining and signing-in processes.