Quiznos brings back the Spongmonkeys in its latest campaign

US sandwich chain, Quiznos, has launched a campaign featuring its Spongmonkeys brand mascots to fuel the growth the brand is experiencing.

The campaign, running across digital and social, pays tribute to the commitment of dedicated fans who go out of their way to find Quiznos restaurants as there are fewer outlets today than there were years ago, and ushers in the new growth era Quiznos is entering.

It features the sub-loving Spongmonkeys on a road trip across America, seeking out Quiznos restaurants. It was designed by Tank Design and the man behind the original Spongmonkeys characters and theme song, Joel Veitch. Its the first time the Spongmonkeys have featured in the brands marketing since 2005.

Veitch designed and voiced the characters’ original appearances, where the misformed figures generally screamed about their love of subs. He composed the ‘We Love the Subs’ song with his brother Alex.

Quiznos itself filed for bankruptcy in 2014, and outlets became harder to find. The company was acquired by High Bluff Capital Partners in 2018, and last year started opening new outlets for the first time in over a decade. Measures have been implemented to establish a new growth trajectory, including a complete brand revamp, as well as a redesigned restaurant model which includes a stand-alone site plan that is optimized for drive-thru. The new restaurants, which began opening in 2022, come with a new operating model which was specifically developed to support franchisee operations and profitability. 

“We are honored to lead the brand into this exciting growth phase and are inspired by the loyalty of our fans, some of whom drive miles to reach a restaurant while many others cry out ‘bring Quiznos back!’” said Quiznos CEO, Tim Casey commented. “With a redesigned operating model and a renewed commitment to the core brand qualities that made Quiznos great in the first place, we’re looking to meet the demand of consumers by growing Quiznos once again in partnership with tremendous franchisees.

“The Spongmonkeys were last seen in 2005, when they were loved and hated in roughly equal measure. The return of the brand’s most famous mascots marks the resurgence of Quiznos.”