Qwikker Supports Nokia N95 Launch

Bluetooth marketing company Qwikker is supporting the launch of Nokias new N95 Smartphone with a series of proximity-based promotional content delivery activities.
The first phase of the campaign involves mobile content distribution in 89 pubs in the UK. A call to action, displayed on video screens in each location, requests that consumers switch on their Bluetooth  and accept a connection in order to receive an animation demonstrating the functionality and unique features of the N95.
The second phase of the campaign is integrated with Nokias M.O.E.T (The Museum Of Extinct Technology) outdoor tour, which opened in Londons Liverpool St. Station, and which tours through Covent Garden and Birminghams Bullring, finishing on 5 May. The exhibition demonstrates how much of what we believe to be indispensable in our lives, including digital cameras, music players, record stores, paper maps and even office PCs, will be made redundant by one single device, namely, the new N95. According to Nokia, that it.
Upon acceptance, attendees are sent an application to their mobile from Qwikkers Bluetooth service points. The application showcases the Nokia N95 and provides a map to the nearest retailer where consumers can receive a free demo of the N95 and enter a prize draw to win one. 
Our content delivery platform enables brands to distribute mobile content, from promotional videos to coupons and music, to a precise and targeted audience says Qwikker Founder and CTO Saul Kato. This form of location-based mobile content delivery is an ideal addition to permanent exhibits, as well as temporary marketing events, looking to provide the next level of interactive engagement with consumers.