Qype Updates iPhone, Android Apps

User-generated local review site Qype has announced a number of new developments, including an enhanced location-based app for the iPhone. The app includes new social features such as an activity feed that displays contacts’ reviews, ‘check-ins’ and photo uploads as they are posted so users can stay up-to-date with what their friends are doing and discover new places to visit. Users can also publish their whereabouts to Facebook and Twitter pages making it easier to share recommendations.

The iPhone app also offers businesses premium placement, so that any business can ensure it appears first in the listings in the given location and category that the user is browsing. Listings are available on the category, search result and voucher pages.

There is also a new, more social version of the Qype app is now available to download from the Android Market. Like the iPhone app, the Android version has social features for Qype users, however they can now be rewarded for being a ‘Qyper’. Whether it’s multiple check-ins at different venues or writing reviews, new Qype Badges like ‘Mobile Scout’ and ‘Crowd Pleaser’ can be earned. Users can also change the search locations, edit reviews and sync bookmarks between mobile and online so they can keep updating their profile from device to device. Qype is also introducing a Blackberry version of the app.

“We firmly believe the future is in mobile,” says Qype CEO, Ian Brotherston. “These latest developments show our dedication to continuously improving the mobile experience for our customers by building on and offering new features to users. These are exciting developments, combining the power of Qype’s real-time recommendations with the convenience of mobility.
“Qype offers reviews of 600,000 businesses in Europe and has 17 million users per month, we also have one million users on mobile devices. We hope these latest developments encourage our customers, whether users or businesses, to engage with the site on a regular basis and keep it growing.”