RAC Saves Half a Million on Yearly Fuel Cost Using M2M

RACRAC has installed EE SIM cards in its fleet of 1,700 recovery vehicles so it can understand its drivers behaviour and cut fuel costs.

The SIMs are contained inside a black box plugged into the vehicles diagnostic port that sens  data back to the companys offices for monitoring.

Drivers can also see their own performance data – which includes information on braking cornering and speeding – on an RAC app. This is something that the company can then incentivise to improve driving efficiency. RAC is also outsourcing this as a service for its members, helping them to reduce the likelihood of a breakdown, improve their driving standards and enable patrol cars to find them if they do need to have their car towed.

The company has been able to cut its fuel cost by 17 per cent – or £500,000 per year.