RAC Teams Up with Risk for RAC Advance Telematics Solution

Vehicle telematics specialist, Risk Technology, has signed an exclusive partnership agreement to work with the RAC on the launch of RAC Advance, a telematics solution that incorporates advanced crash detection technology, fuel saving, driver scoring and remote vehicle diagnostics and prognostics. RAC Advance incorporates Risk’s vehicle telematics technology in a range of solutions that include fleet, insurance and breakdown applications.

RAC members will be able to remotely communicate with base to provide diagnostic information that could potentially identify certain vehicle faults before they result in a breakdown. In addition, members will be able to check multiple levels of performance and key information via an app on the driver’s phone or tablet.

In the event of a breakdown, RAC Advance will alert the response team, who can remotely connect with the onboard diagnostics software to identify the fault and accurately position the motorist’s location, enabling the rescue service to despatch a patrol, pre-equipped with the diagnosis, repair solution and parts. 

The launch of RAC Advance follows two years of ongoing co-operation between the two companies, with Risk Technology customising its vehicle telematics solutions to fit the RAC brand and its membership. Risk Technology’s IP is embedded inside the new, RAC Advance, matchbox-sized devices. In addition, the company is providing a full software solution and administration portal that integrates with the RAC’s system and processes, as well as those of its partners.