Radio Advertising Bureau Makes App Debut

The Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) has launched LoveRadioAds, an iOS and Android app created by Propeller Mobile, in time for its 20th Anniversary. The app, which is intended to promote and celebrate radio as an advertising medium, streams over 20,000 ads served by industry suppliers Adstream and IMD.

The app will provide a top ten ads list, curated on a weekly basis by the RAB, or can be searched and browsed by brand, agency, and year.

“From speaking to agencies, we’ve heard that good radio advertising is notoriously hard to track down,” says Clare Bowen, head of creative development at the RAB. “The LoveRadioAds app will put a vast range of radio ads directly into people’s hands. Since you can access it on your smartphone, we believe it will be a really useful tool for teams working on briefs, and also for media agencies and clients wanting to showcase their work, and hear what other radio advertising is out there.”