Radio company Global adds podcasts to app

Global Player podcastsGlobal – the company behind radio brands including Capital, Heart, LBC Capital Xtra, and others – is launching podcasts within its app.

The Global Player app now features a catalogue of 1,500 podcasts from publishers, such as the BBC, across a range of categories including business, technology, health, and sport. The podcasts are available to listen to via streaming or by downloading episodes for offline listening.

“We’re so excited to bring this huge dimension to Global Player, Global’s entertainment hub,” said James Hickman, director of digital at Global. “We wanted to build a deep and content rich experience, as well as a one stop shop for podcasts. Global Player is now that place.”

With Global Player, users are ale to skip songs during live radio and use the ‘music for’ feature for on-demand music based on their activity and mood. It also provides news about popular artists and information about music events.

The podcast functionality has been launched on iOS and will arrive on Android at some point in early 2019.