RadiumOne Introduces URLs for Apps with Smart Links

Pokemon Go App Store dominanceRadiumOne has launched Smart Links, a solution enabling marketers to create a direct path to an app.

The URL takes users to the relevant app store listing, but also to the content within the app that they were seeking the first time they open it. Smart Links USP, though, is that the content they are shown can be personalised based on user data like geographic location and device type, and that the solution can be used to create a cross-platform user profile to identify trends across mobile web and app engagement.

The solution is being pitched as a way for brands to drive more organic app installs without having to rely on paid promotions.

“Consumers are increasingly rewarding brands who create tailored and engaging experiences,” said Bob Hall, senior vice president of business development at RadiumOne. “Marketers can better meet consumer expectations by using tools like Smart Links to connect with high-value customers in a more engaging and seamless way to improve customer acquisition and retention, ultimately driving increased revenue.”