RadiumOne introduces online safety division, 'the first in the UK'

Tyrone Stewart
Timmy Bankole (RadiumOne)

Timmy Bankole will lead the new division

Marketing company RadiumOne has become ‘the first ad tech business in the UK to launch a division dedicated to improving online brand safety’.

The RadiumOne safety division has been made with the intention of focusing educating clients, supplier relationships, improving best practice around inventory lists and exploring innovation opportunities. Through these, the company hopes to help tackle online brand safety, ad fraud and transparency issues.

“There’s been a justifiable increase in the clamour to clean up the online advertising supply chain and with our credentials on tackling these issues we felt it was important to lead from the front and set a precedent for the rest of the industry,” said Craig Tuck, RadiumOne’s UK MD. “Having a dedicated division is testament to the level of effort and expertise required to properly address these issues and protect all of our clients’ investment in digital advertising, which goes way beyond token gestures and the endless talk.”

The safety division of five team members will be led by RadiumOne’s current head of supply operations Timmy Bankole.

RadiumOne was one of the first companies to achieve JICWEB’s anti-ad fraud certification seal back earlier this year.