RAF Goes Mobile for Recruitment Drive

The Royal Air Force (RAF) has launches an integrated campaign to attract 16 – 24 year old recruits. As part of the campaign, mobile agency Incentivated was appointed by the COI (Central Office of Information) to develop a mobile campaign to support an 8-week national TV campaign.
The mobile service offers potential recruits easy access to additional information about RAF jobs. It includes a mobile Internet Site featuring information on a range of roles, along with salary details and necessary qualifications. The site was built using Incentivateds proprietary WAPsite publisher tool. SMS response gives an overview of specific jobs people are interested in and the option to text an email address to receive more detailed information on the RAF.
The campaign uses feeds from the RAFs new Rise to the Challenge website, which informs potential recruits about the variety of careers in the RAF, and helps to prepare applicants for service life. The new, fully interactive website features blogs, videos, podcasts, interactive aptitude tests and fitness guides, plus an improved job search facility. Incentivated developed the campaign in conjunction with digital agencies LIDA and Binary Vision.
The RAF is a modern, dynamic and exciting organisation in which to work, and we aim to reflect this in our advertising campaigns says Richard Huthwaite, Head of RAF Marketing. We appreciate that to reach our target audience, we must keep up with the latest online trends, such as SMS and the mobile Internet.
Jamie Galloway, Director of Digital Media at COI, adds:
This is the first step in mobile activity for the RAF. The addition of an SMS option on the TV ads gives an easy way for interested viewers to get more information when they want it. Were also working with Incentivated and LIDA to develop a new SMS Fitness Programme for potential RAF recruits.
For Incentivated, Commercial Director Robert Thurner comments:
The RAFs target audience for new recruits are highly proficient in using a broad range of mobile services. Adding mobile to this campaign allows recruits to respond instantly to the TV and print advertising they will see over the next two months. We will track responses and provide the COI with real-time reporting to prove the impact of the mobile channel.
The mobile site can be seen here.