RaiaDrogasil rolls out in-store, location-based offers platform in Brazil

Latin American drugstore chain RaiaDrogasil has rolled out location-based marketing technology across its 2,500 Brazilian stores. The Cloud4Wi platform is designed to help companies leverage their wi-fi networks to harness location-based marketing and bridge the offline gap in the digital customer journey. Since deploying the technology three months ago, the retailer has achieved 1.1m customer sign-ups and seen a 235 per cent uplift in revenue.

The platform enables RaiaDrogasil to present customers with a branded captive onboarding portal when they connect to any store’s guest wi-fi network. Through this portal, customers can share their personal information, such as their name, email address, phone number and CPF (personal training account), to sync with the company’s Salesforce CRM platform. Customers then receive an SMS with a link to their special offers that can be activated in the mobile app and bought either online or in-store. Everything is in compliance with LGPD. (Brazilian Data Protection Law). To prevent duplicate records and maintain good data hygiene, Cloud4Wi also checks in real-time whether a new wi-fi sign-up is a new or existing customer.

Every in-store or online interaction is logged on an individual 360-degree customer profile that connects online and in-store services, allowing customers to be targeted with highly relevant and personalized offers as they move between the two. Upon entering a store, an existing customer would automatically join the guest wi-fi and received deals based on their past purchases or online browsing activity.

In the first three months after deployment, the campaign achieved an SMS opt-in rate of 75 per cent, and generated 2,200 individual transactions. The average revenue generated was R$ 390.45 (£6.80) for every 1,000 SMS messages sent.

“We knew that before any campaigns could be designed, we first needed a mechanism to effectively onboard customers and get them to share their data,” said RaiaDrogasil Digital Marketing Manager, Aretha Cursino Rodrigues. “We also needed to do this in a way that complied with LGPD and with the consent of each individual customer. Now, upon entering one of our stores, an existing customer will automatically join the local guest wi-fi network, allowing us to identify them and send perfectly timed deals based on their past purchases or online browsing activity. We can also present new customers with a tailored onboarding experience so they can opt in to receive the same offers. We simply couldn’t have achieved this without Cloud4Wi’s close partnership and guidance.”