Rakuten LinkShare: Tablet Purchase Rate 18 Per Cent Higher Than PC

22 per cent of clicks on the Rakuten LinkShare CPA network – and 17 per cent of transactions – came from mobile devices during Q1, 2013.

During the quarter, Rakutens data also showed that the rate at which tablet users go on to make a purchase is 18 per cent higher than for PC users.

“While browsing on smartphones is now commonplace, it’s the superior user experience on tablets, such as the larger screen size, that encourages consumers to make a purchase,” Rakuten LinkShare MD Mark Haviland. “Our data reveals that, as retailers optimise their sites for tablets, they have a great opportunity to increase sales through the affiliate channel by working closely with their CPA network to ensure they are actively targeting tablet users with the right content and responsive design to deliver a smooth buying experience.”

In Q1, the Rakuten LinkShare network overall saw a year-on-year growth of 29 per cent in same store sales in the UK, and 26 per cent in the US.