Rangers FC first UK club to supply AI for visually impaired fans

Rangers FC is to provide an artificial intelligence solution for its partially sighted fans which will help fans read text, recognise faces and products during match days and on stadium tours.

Fans will be able to borrow the wireless and wearable tech device OrCam MyEye 2 which will use artificial intelligence to track digital and print surfaces including smartphone and computer screens as well as newspapers, books and menus and feed back to the user via an audio description.

Rangers health safety and access manager Liz Kay commented, “The impact the technology have on our fans is immeasurable and it makes areas of the club, like stadium tours, inclusive to all.” The club said it was also working on getting the device to recognise exhibits such as artists impressions of past players in the stadium store.

Ian White, a visually impaired OrCam user and trainer said, For me, being able to read the programme on a match day is a really big thing, it makes you feel much more part of the whole day. And using the tech brings a whole new dimension to the stadium tour: it’s really quite empowering to be able to access the materials on the tour without needing someone with me to describe what’s in front of me.”

Web accessibility looks set to continue to be a key priority for brands as firms continue work on making their websites and apps as accessible as possible for all. According to Irish Tech News, lawsuits related to web accessibility tripled between 2017 – 2018.

Watch the below video for the OrCam My Eye 2