Rant & Rave creates customer feedback integration for Amazon Alexa

Customer engagement solutions provider Rant & Rave has developed a customer feedback integration for Amazon’s Alexa AI.

The integration, which will sit within the brand’s skill on an Alexa-enabled device, enables customers to share feedback in real-time verbally. It will ask customers to score their experience and then provide feedback in their own words.

“This is a new era for customer service and it’s powered by immersive customer engagement; speed and convenience is everything for today’s discerning consumer,” said Kenny Bain, CEO of Rant & Rave. As a result, brands are looking for ways in which they can interact with their customers to find out how they feel in real-time, both positively and negatively, with a minimum amount of effort from the customer.”

Rant & Rave says the feedback is analysed in real-time, through its ‘Sentiment Engine’, and creates insights that are presented via an online dashboard or directly into the brand’s CRM system.

Bain continued: “At Rant & Rave, we believe we are living in the Age of Emotion. Consumers are emotionally involved with brands throughout their entire experience, even if it’s only through a ‘like’ or a ‘share’. In order to capture the true emotion of customers, brands need to be engaging with them in those key moments; when they’re pleased, excited, disappointed, angry – it’s all vital feedback that they need, and want, to receive in order to analyse insights and make improvements.”