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Rapid Upgrades Mobile Ad Platform

David Murphy

Rapid Mobile Media, which provides mobile advertising and Internet delivery software platforms, has released a new iteration of its Ad360 mobile advertising platform. Designed to serve high quality display ads in real time within commercial grade mobile Internet services, Ad360 allows media owners and publishers to generate revenue from mobile advertising inventory.
As part of Rapid Mobiles combined value proposition to media owners, its ThinkPhone mobile Internet platform automatically optimises the delivery of sites to all handset types to ensure the best experience for the broadest range of users.
The Ad360 platform can be used to automatically serve any size of banner, spot and interstitial display ad formats into mobile Internet sites, and provides facilities for the control of advertisement creation, campaign management, ad targeting from contextual information, and full analytics reporting of ad impressions and clickthroughs.
Rapid Mobiles interstitial format takes advantage of dead time in a browsing session to display a high quality, interactive full screen ad while the next page of the site content is loaded. Rapid notes that this space is of high value to advertisers and brands, yet it is unobtrusive, as it does not interfere with the users mobile experience or consumption of the site content.
There are a significant number of challenges for media owners in breaking into the mobile space, says Rapid Founder and CTO, Richard M. Marshall. By using our platforms, customers are able to deploy an advertising powered service using existing ad sales workflow while not having to worry about the complexity of the broad range of phone types their readers have. The ability of the ThinkPhone and Ad360 platforms to automatically adapt content for each individual handset means that publishers can concentrate on providing interesting and engaging content and interaction, while delivering valuable inventory to their advertisers.
Rapid Mobiles ThinkPhone mobile Internet platform builds on the companys experience in automatically provisioning applications to thousands of different handset variants by providing the same capability for the delivery of mobile Internet sites. The presentation and interaction with the site content is automatically optimised to ensure that the user has the best experience possible. Such optimisation includes selecting the appropriate level of graphic resources and text to display, as well as automatically resizing to match the display resolution.