Re-engage Your Mobile App Users via Facebook

Facebook is extending its custom audience features so that website and app owners can target their visitors with relevant follow-up ads on Facebook.

Marketers can already cross-reference their own data, like emails, phone numbers, Facebook user IDs or app user IDs to target their messaging. But they will now be given a line of code to add to their site or app so they can identify and re-engage with their visitors on Facebook. It is in test with a limited number of companies and will roll out to all of Facebooks advertisers in the coming months.

User privacy

Users will be given an option to opt out of these ads – although Facebook hasnt provided a link along with the announcement. They can also find out more About this ad than ever before by clicking in the corner, including details of the site you visited or what information was cross-referenced in order to re-target a message, with an easy opt-out option. These new settings will go live on dektop before they are extended to mobile, Facebook said.